I’ve worked for many years on basic low-level visual processes (Bloch’s law, Weber law, spatio-temporal integration, space-time acuity…), on the perception of motion, color and texture, as well as on the detection-identification relationship. By 1999 my work became focused on perceptual decision issues and in particular on multiple decisions making (with Dov Sagi). I’ve extended such decision assessment paradigms to testing the perception-action relationship (using eye- and hand-movements). More recently I started research on time/duration perception (including the capacity of introspecting on the duration of one’s reactive and delayed actions) and on the visual extraction of summary statistics. Extinction, Perceptual constancy, Temporal Order Judgments, Motion Induced Blindness, Attentional Blink, Cross-saccade location and identity memory are some other topics addressed over the years.

        Among my co-authors I am proud to mention Janos Kulikowski, Adriana Fiorentini, Christopher Tyler, Bela Julesz, Thomas Papathomas, Ilona Kovacs, Charles Chubb, Jean Lorenceau, Mark Georgeson, Randolph Blake, Dov Sagi, Yoram Bonneh, Pascal Mamassian, Joshua Solomon, Patrick Cavanagh.


*        Decision & Attention

*        Sensory-motor

*        Time perception


*        Detection & Identification

*        General Psychophysics

*        Miscellaneous

*        Motion

*        Texture




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